Posterior Body Lift

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Posterior Lift with Dr. Jiles

Sometimes after a large amount of weight loss, or due the natural aging process, excess skin and fatty tissue will appear to be sagging from the buttocks, hips, and/or outer thighs. Posterior Body Lift surgery addresses these areas of skin and fatty tissue excess.

Dr. Jiles of Sarasota Surgical Arts is a talented cosmetic surgeon with fellowship training in Posterior Body Lifts, as well as many other procedures. Dr. Jiles offers Posterior Body Lift surgery in Sarasota, Fl.

What is a Posterior Body Lift?

Much like how a tummy tuck eliminates excess skin and fatty tissue from the abdomen, resulting in a tighter, leaner silhouette from the front, a posterior body lift eliminates excess skin and fatty tissue from the back of the hips, essentially lifting the buttocks and smoothing the silhouette of the hips, buttocks and outer thighs. Sometimes referred to as a buttock lift, this lift does not necessarily entail fat grafting to increase the volume of the buttocks, rather it is more of a skin tightening procedure.

In order for this procedure to be done, it requires a horizontal incision. The scar will be low on the back of the hips, just above the buttocks, and well hidden beneath the top of a bathing suit bottom or panties.

Motivations for a Posterior Lift

Some women seeking posterior lift surgery have one or more of the following complaints:

  • Stubborn fat and sagging skin of the outer thighs, buttocks, and hips
  • “Saddle bags,” or outer thigh fatty deposits which may appear particularly disproportionate on otherwise thin frame
  • Excessive skin of the lower buttocks and outer thighs after massive weight loss, such as after bariatric surgery
  • Excess skin of the lower body can interfere with walking and exercise, and lead to rashes between skin folds

Advantages of a Posterior Lift

  • removes excess skin and fat of the hips, and to some degree the posterior “love handles”
  • tightens the look of the buttocks and outer thighs
  • improves the look of dimpling and cellulite of the buttocks and outer thighs
  • may be combined with other procedures if desire
  • can improve mobility and ability to exercise

Who is a Good Candidate for Posterior Lift Surgery?

Ideal candidates are not smokers, or are able to stop all nicotine products and vaping for 1 month prior and 1 month after the surgery. This is important for wound healing. In general, good candidates for elective surgery do not have uncontrolled medical conditions, and their BMI is ideally under 35. These things do not necessarily exclude you from having a surgery with Dr. Jiles. If these areas are a concern, be sure to ask Dr. Jiles and she will make arrangements to best have your needs met to make the surgery as safe as possible.

Before and After Results: What to Expect

You will immediately notice the difference in your shape after the surgery. Your buttocks may appear red and or swollen for the first few days after the surgery. You will have drains that will likely be removed some time between 1 week and 2 weeks after the surgery. The buttocks appear significantly lifted and sometimes flattened for the first 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery. The tissues relax as “settling” occurs and restores the contours of your natural shape.

Dr. Jiles is a skilled cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience in Posterior Body Lift surgery. With skill, and a perfectionist eye she will help you achieve the shape of your dreams.

Sarasota Surgical Arts is a safe, state -of -the- art surgical facility that provides the highest standards in cosmetic surgery. All surgeries that Dr. Jiles provides are performed at this facility in Sarasota, Florida.

Your Consult With Dr. Jiles:

You will have your consultation with Dr. Jiles at Sarasota Surgical Arts, where she will get your detailed medical history and do an exam.


Your surgery will be performed at the accredited outpatient surgery center at Sarasota Surgical Arts. On the day of your surgery a licensed anesthesia provider will place you under general anesthesia. During that time you will be closely monitored for your safety and comfort.

As you awake in the recovery room, you will be assisted by one of our excellent nursing staff. You will be wearing a compression garment, and sitting on a special pillow that displaces pressure from your buttocks to the backs of your thighs. You will have post operative medications prescribed such as pain medication to keep you comfortable, as well as antibiotics.

Recovery Timeline:

Anticipate approximately 2 weeks off from work following the procedure to optimize the comfort of your recovery. The worst phase of your post operative pain will subside after the first few days. You will need to avoid sitting on your buttocks and sleeping on your back for up to 8 weeks after surgery. To assist with this you need to use a “bbl pillow” that goes under the back of your thighs while sitting. It is recommended to wear your compression garment for 8 weeks following the surgery for the best results.

How Much does a Posterior Body Lift Cost?

To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Emily Jiles, call us at (941) 867-7682.