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Arm Liposuction Sarasota with Dr. Jiles

Out of the body areas we expect to change with age and weight loss, arms often is not one of them. Due to increases or decreases in weight, aging, and genetic factors, some people develop stubborn, extra fat on the arms. When fat is the concern and not skin, liposuction is often the best and most effective option. Dr. Emily Jiles is a Sarasota liposuction expert and specializes in body contouring surgery. She provides the best arm liposuction Sarasota offers.

What is Arm Liposuction?​

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgery that uses light suction combined with the movement of the cannula to remove fat from targeted areas. Dr. Jiles will also often use another agent to break up the fat before inserting the cannula. Unlike more invasive surgery, liposuction requires only small incisions and has fewer overall risks.

Due to its minimally invasive nature and good safety profile, it is used to supplement other procedures such as a tummy tuck to further enhance the contours after skin removal. Liposuction is versatile and can provide great results on patients of all sizes. However, it is not a subsitute for weight loss and is best for removing smaller portions of fat.

When Dr. Jiles removes fat cells via liposuction, they are permanently removed from the area. Though, this does not mean you cannot gain weight. You will simply gain weight in other areas. Additionally, the fat cells left following liposuction can subsequently expand. Thus, it is important to continue living a healthy lifestyle after liposuction.

Arm Liposuction vs. Arm Lift

Determining whether you would benefit best from an arm lift or arm liposuction requires a professional like Dr. Jiles to decipher. Sometimes a patient may benefit from both procedures and they are often combined. The table below compares the two procedures to help you gain an understanding of which procedure may achieve your aesthetic goals.

Arm LiposuctionArm Lift
  • Removes fat
  • Small incisions often hidden in the armpit or elbow
  • Less surgical time
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Results subtler
  • Performed on patients of all ages who carry extra fat in their upper arms for a variety of reasons
  • Fat removal in the arms is permanent
  • Wrinkling often not present
  • Reveals arm muscle tone
  • Removes skin
  • Larger incisions that extend down the arm
  • More surgical time
  • Expected surgical recovery time
  • More dramatic results
  • Often performed on older patients and/or those who have lost a significant amount of weight
  • Skin will lose elasticity again over time
  • Wrinkling may be present
  • Reveals thin contour of the arms

During your consultation, Dr. Jiles will determine if either an arm lift, arm liposuction, or combination of both will best address your concerns.

Arm Liposuction Before and After Photos

Your Arm Liposuction Consult With Dr. Jiles:

Before undergoing Sarasota arm liposuction, you will need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Emily Jiles. During this appointment, Dr. Jiles will want to know about your goals and expectations. She will also inquire about your medical history and lifestyle such as medical conditions, medications you take, and if you smoke.

Dr. Jiles may physically examine the area. She will look for the general quality of your skin, amount of fat, and other factors. This can impact whether arm lipo or an arm lift is the best course of action. If there is more skin, she will recommend an arm lift. If there are significant amounts of both skin and fat, she may advise both procedures.

From there, she will determine if you are a good candidate for Sarasota arm liposuction and further explain the procedure and what you expect. Dr. Jiles will work with you to create a surgical plan that is based around your anatomy, medical history, and goals.

Arm Lipo Surgery

After you are placed under general anesthesia, Dr. Jiles will inject tumescent fluid, or otherwise break up the fat. She will then make the incision and insert the liposuction cannula, precisely moving it back and forth across the width and length of the arm. Generally, there are one or two incisions—one in the armpit and one just above the elbow. The elbow incision is not always necessary.

The liposuction process for both arms can take an hour or two depending on the amount of fat. Once an adequate amount of fat is removed, Dr. Jiles will close the access point incisions. Before or just after you wake up, the surgical team will fit you into your compression garments.

Arm Lipo Recovery

Arm liposuction comes with a fairly easy recovery for most patients. Often, patients feel well enough to return to work within a week. As far as aftercare instructions, they will vary between patients but can include:

  • Wear your compression garment 24/7 except when showering
  • Taper off the use of your compression garment as instructed by Dr. Jiles during the recovery process
  • Avoid lifting anything heavier than five pounds
  • Limit or cease the use of ibuprofen and Aspirin
  • Reduce arm movement
  • Sleep on your back and alleviate any pressure on your arms
  • Attend all post-operative appointments
  • Take prescribed medications

The Best Arm Liposuction in Sarasota with Dr. Emily Jiles

Dr. Emily Jiles is a cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience and expertise in liposuction. She specializes in several forms of body contouring surgery including breast surgeries, tummy tucks, liposuction, and Brazilian butt lift. Dr. Emily Jiles offers the best arm liposuction Sarasota provides.

Dr. Jiles takes pride in serving her patients and creating a trusting relationship before, during, and after surgery. She is always happy to answer patient questions and aims to personalize each liposuction surgery to the patient so they can reach their aesthetic goals. Every patient has a different idea of their perfect results and Dr. Jiles wants to help you obtain your idea of perfect.

She is a member of the board on:

  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery
  • Florida Medical Association
  • American College of Osteopathic Surgeons

Arm Lipo Pricing with Dr. Jiles

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