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Sarasota Breast Reduction Surgery with Dr. Jiles

For some women, large breasts can be a source of discomfort or a deterrent to a an active lifestyle. The medical term for this is symptomatic macromastia. There is relief for these symptoms in the surgical breast reduction. Dr. Jiles of Sarasota Surgical Arts is a talented cosmetic surgeon with fellowship training in breast reduction, breast lifts as well as many other procedures. Dr. Jiles offers breast reduction surgery in Sarasota, Fl.

What is a Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction is a surgery removes excess breast tissue, fatty tissue, and skin to ultimately reduce the size of the breasts. The areolas (pigmented skin around the nipples) are often reduced in size as well in the process. The end result is the breasts are reshaped and lifted to their proper position on the chest wall. The procedure may be customized somewhat based on the desired resultant size of the individual patient.

Not all breast reductions require incisions, In some cases, large breasts may be reduced with liposuction as well. In your consultation with Dr. Jiles, she will discuss with you what your best option will be to get your best possible result.

Motivations for a Breast Reduction

Most women seeking to reduce their breasts experience similar symptoms. Over years, symptoms of large breasts may worsen causing more discomfort. The common issues affecting women with large breasts include but are not limited to the following :

  • Upper back, lower back or neck pain
  • Bra strap grooves on the shoulders that do not go away after the bra is removed
  • Itchy rash/ dermatitis beneath the breasts
  • Difficulty wearing desired styles of clothing/ bras
  • Difficulty exercising
  • Chronic headaches/ migraines
That being said, even without symptoms, some women may just prefer to have a smaller, perkier breast size with smaller areolas than what they currently have.

Advantages of Breast Reduction Surgery, Options:

  • decrease overall size and weight of breasts
  • lift the breasts, to form a perkier ideal shape
  • improve neck, back, and shoulder discomfort from heaviness of the breasts
  • eliminate intertrigo ( itchy rash that develops in the skin fold under a heavy breast )
  • resize areolas to a smaller size
  • improve confidence
  • during the procedure, excess skin lateral to the breasts may easily be removed in an axilloplasty if needed
  • liposuction in the preaxilla (the front of the armpit) and lateral breast may also be done to further contour the shape of the new breast

Who is a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Ideal candidates are not smokers, or are able to stop all nicotine products and vaping for 1 month prior and 1 month after the surgery. This is important for blood supply to the nipples and the skin of the breasts. In general, good candidates for elective surgery do not have uncontrolled medical conditions, and their BMI is ideally under 39. These things do not necessarily exclude you from having a breast reduction with Dr. Jiles. If these areas are a concern, be sure to ask Dr. Jiles and she will make arrangements to best have your needs met to make the surgery as safe as possible.

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Your Breast Reduction Consult With Dr. Jiles:

You will have your consultation with Dr. Jiles at Sarasota Surgical Arts, where she will get your detailed medical history and do a breast exam. At that time, it is particularly important to discuss your exact goals for the breast reduction, and bring up any history relevant to your breast health such as family history of cancer or recent mammograms.

Breast Reduction Surgery Process:

Your surgery will be performed at the accredited outpatient surgery center at Sarasota Surgical Arts. On the day of your surgery a licensed anesthesia provider will place you under general anesthesia. During that time you will be closely monitored by them for your safety and comfort.

During the surgery, local anesthetic will be injected into the breasts to assist with postoperative comfort and control bleeding during the procedure. The majority of the excess breast tissue and skin from the bottom of the breast is removed, and nipples are resized to an appropriate, proportional size and rotated upward into place. Any necessary additional contouring will take place at that time as well. The whole procedure takes approximately two and half to three and a half hours depending on the breast size and contouring necessary.

As you recover, you will be assisted by one of our excellent nursing staff and find that you have a soft, compressive surgical bra in place. You will have post operative medications prescribed such as pain medication to keep you comfortable, as well as antibiotics.

Breast Reduction Recovery Timeline:

Anticipate approximately 2 weeks off from work following the procedure to optimize the comfort of your recovery. The worst phase of your post operative pain will subside after the first few days. You will need to avoid driving for about 2 weeks until it is comfortable for you to wear your seat belt. You will be instructed to refrain from heavy exercise for 4 to 6 weeks, and avoid lifting over 5 pounds for the same amount of time. Typically, a soft non restrictive bra is encouraged until 3 months after the surgery to allow the tissues to “settle.”

Results: What to Expect After a Breast Reduction

You will immediately notice the difference in the weight of your breasts after the surgery. Most women at this point report they have immediate improvement in their neck and back pain. The breasts may feel firm and tender for the first month after surgery, and will continue to soften and “settle” as they heal. The incisions are surrounding the areolas, straight down the middle of the breast, and under neath the breast (anchor configuration). They will appear as red lines on fair skin and darker lines on dark skin as they heal, and will slowly lighten over the course of a year.

Premier Breast Reduction Surgery by Dr. Emily Jiles

Dr. Jiles is a skilled certified cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience in breast reduction surgery. With skill, and a perfectionist eye she will help you lighten the weight of your breasts while reshaping them to a new perky, beautiful silhouette.

Sarasota Surgical Arts is a safe, state -of -the- art surgical facility that provides the highest standards in cosmetic surgery. All surgeries that Dr. Jiles provides are performed at this facility in Sarasota, Florida.

How Much Does a Breast Reduction Cost?

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