Breast Surgery Procedures in Sarasota & Tampa

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

Start your journey to rejuvenate your confidence with breast enhancement surgery. Dr. Emily Jiles, a renowned expert in Sarasota, offers a full variety of breast enhancement surgery services tailored to meet your unique needs and desires. From augmenting size to refining shape, Dr. Jiles and her team provide personalized care to ensure you get the best possible outcomes.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure aimed at enhancing the size and shape of your breasts to create a fuller, more balanced appearance. This transformational procedure is done by carefully placing the saline or silicone implants that you have chosen to meet your goals. Breast augmentation will increase your breast volume and correct asymmetry, and it can even restore the breast shape you may have lost due to weight changes or pregnancy. During the operation, Dr. Jiles makes precise incisions, so you end up with minimal visibility of the scars. She then inserts the implants either behind the breast tissue or beneath the chest muscle. The result you get is a natural and proportionate breast contour that will significantly boost your overall self-confidence and comfort with your body. Dr. Jiles offers both saline and silicone breast implants for breast enlargement near you:

The complexity of the surgical procedure, based on the patient’s anatomy and desired outcome, can vary the cost.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is a surgical procedure designed to counteract the effects of aging, gravity, and life events like weight fluctuation or breastfeeding—all of which can lead to sagging breasts. In this procedure, Dr. Jiles artfully lifts and reshapes the breasts, removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to restore a youthful, uplifted contour. The breast lift rejuvenates the appearance of the breasts and is tailored to your individual needs. Sometimes, augmentation and breast lift are combined to help with both lift and volume. By redefining the breasts’ shape and position, Dr. Jiles helps patients regain confidence in their appearance, achieving results that look naturally vibrant and harmonious.

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Breast reduction surgery in Sarasota with Dr. Emily Jiles is a comprehensive procedure that addresses the discomfort and aesthetic concerns associated with overly large breasts. This surgery involves the removal of excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with the patient’s body. Dr. Jiles meticulously plans and executes the incisions, usually around the areola and beneath the breast, ensuring they are as discreet as possible. The remaining breast tissue and skin are then reshaped and lifted, creating a more youthful appearance. This process alleviates the physical strain of large breasts, such as neck, back, and shoulder pain. It also enhances the breasts’ shape and contour, leading to improved self-esteem and body image. Dr. Jiles’s personalized approach to breast reduction focuses on minimizing scarring and maximizing the aesthetic and functional outcomes, transforming the way you view yourself and interact with the world.

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Breast Revision and Reconstruction

Breast revision and reconstruction under the skilled hands of Dr. Emily Jiles cater to individuals looking to refine or correct previous breast surgeries, including addressing issues like implant malfunction, dissatisfaction with size or shape, and post-mastectomy reconstruction. These procedures are meticulously planned and executed to match the patient’s aesthetic goals and physical health, ensuring a natural and satisfying appearance. With Dr. Jiles’s comprehensive evaluation and use of advanced surgical techniques, patients can expect outcomes that not only correct past issues but also celebrate their desired vision of themselves, ultimately fostering a renewed sense of self-confidence and well-being.

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia Surgery)

Male breast reduction, or gynecomastia surgery, performed by Dr. Emily Jiles in Sarasota, is a procedure designed to combat the challenges of enlarged male breasts. This breast enhancement surgery involves removing excess fatty and glandular tissue through liposuction, excision, or a combination of both to produce a flatter, more masculine chest contour. Dr. Jiles meticulously plans each surgery to align with the patient’s unique body shape and aesthetic goals, ensuring results that look natural and harmonious with the overall physique. The focus is on achieving a more defined chest while minimizing scarring, enhancing not just the appearance but also improving self-confidence and comfort. For men struggling with the effects of gynecomastia, this procedure offers a pathway to renewed self-esteem and body image, making it a transformative step in their personal and physical journey.

Male Nipple Reduction

Male nipple reduction, another specialized procedure offered by Dr. Emily Jiles in Sarasota, addresses concerns with oversized or disproportionately prominent nipples that can disrupt the balance of the male chest. This procedure, often complementing male breast reduction, refines the nipple size and shape to achieve a more proportionate look. Through careful surgical technique, Dr. Jiles ensures the enhancements are subtle yet effective, with an attention to detail that preserves natural nipple sensation and function. You will get a chest appearance that feels more in tune with your desired masculine aesthetics. If you are looking for refinement in your chest’s aesthetic, male nipple reduction can be a key component of achieving a harmonious and confident physical presence.

Breast Liposuction

Breast liposuction performed by Dr. Emily Jiles in Sarasota is a targeted breast enhancement surgery procedure to reduce breast size by removing unwanted fat. It offers a less invasive alternative to traditional breast reduction surgery. During the procedure, Dr. Jiles uses advanced liposuction technology to precisely extract the fatty tissue through small incisions, typically hidden in inconspicuous areas, to minimize scarring. This method allows her to carefully sculpt your breast, achieving a reduction in size while preserving the natural shape and contour. Breast liposuction is ideal for anyone looking for a moderate change without having to undergo extensive surgery. Breast liposuction with Dr. Jiles leads to a more proportionate figure that will enhance your overall body confidence. Her expertise ensures a safe and effective process, resulting in a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing breast profile that integrates seamlessly with the patient’s natural proportions.

Fat transfer to the breast, as performed by Dr. Emily Jiles, offers a natural alternative to synthetic implants, using the patient’s own fat to increase volume and improve breast shape. This method not only adds fullness but also allows for sculpting and enhancing the breast’s natural contours, creating a soft, realistic texture and appearance. The procedure involves harvesting fat from another body area, purifying it, and then carefully injecting it into the breast, providing the dual benefits of contouring both the donor and recipient sites. Dr. Jiles’s expertise in fat transfer ensures seamless integration of the added volume, resulting in beautifully natural and lasting breast enhancement.

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